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Welcome to Shandex Corporation

We are your integrated global source for cost-effective, high quality building, construction materials and outdoor products!  Shandex product lines include fasteners,  ranch, agricultural and erosion control products,  Steel wire products, concrete and masonry construction accessories,  roofing products,  packaging products,  stucco, drywall and ceiling accessories and OEM products.

Shandex is a team of veterans from different fields dedicate into same goal, which is to provide best products and services to industry at most efficient and cost effective way.

Shandex operation includes three divisions: Manufacturing, QC and OEM Division, Global  Logistic and import Division and Sales and Customer Service Division.  Our Manufacturing, QC and OEM Division manufactures different products according to customers’ requirements and our QC teams traveling around the world to ensure quality of products made in different plants.  Our Global  Logistic and import Division provides logistic solutions and uses our volume as leverage to lower cost for customers.  Our sales and customer service division are strategically located in U.S. and China to cover customers’ needs 24/7.

Why Shandex?

Shandex is a cost effective partner you can trust.  From a quote to delivery, Shandex teams take care every step of the way seamlessly.  Our experienced sales team work with you  to provide the best sourcing solution.  Our manufacturing and Q/C team work around clock to make sure your products made to highest industry standard.  Our logistic team ship products from  every corner of the globe to the door of your warehouse. Our service team keep track each of your shipment and answer every of your questions  just in time!


What can Shandex do for you?

Manufacturing,  International Logistic and North America Door Delivery, Outsourcing new products,  we can do them all.

Shandex U.S. team is an extension to our customers’ purchasing office. Instead of spending a lot of time and money on hiring , managing sourcing, importing and shipping, our customer simply found that Shandex can get them all done at a fraction of the price.

Shandex Corp.

Phone: (201) 326-7600
Fax: (201) 326-7606

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