Concrete & Masonry Construction Accessories

Shandex Corporation is a manufacturer
and supplier of premium grade
Concrete & Masonry Construction Accessories

We carry products such as:

Wires – PVC & Black Annealed Tie Wires, Bundle Wire, Hank Wire

Bar Ties – Anchor Bolts

Metal Foundation Chairs – Slab Bolsters, Beam Bolsters, High Chairs, Rod Chairs and etc.

Plastic Foundation Chairs

Turnbuckles -Ladder Mesh

Curing Blankets

Tie Wire Reel, Rebar Tie Tool, Stirrups, Keyways and other accessories.

Paperback Pool Wire Mesh

Safety Cap (OSHA and other)

Steel (Nail) Stake – Threaded Rods

Duplex Nails – Wall Ties, Flat Ties, Snap & Form Ties

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